Yunmai OCR SDK

How Does OCR SDK Apply to Your Business

Posted by: ocrsdkmay on: 02 Sep, 2015

As a businessman, you must have lots of documents in your office. Have you been in trouble with organizing those documents? Sometimes,you might take a few minutes to find one particular document for a meeting or you might happen to forget to take some important documents when you are out with other businessman. Have you […]

How to Use Yunmai OCR SDK?

Posted by: ocrsdkmay on: 22 Aug, 2015

You have an idea of an application that can read paper document or road sign, or any text on a picture taken from your mobile phone? Several Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software Development Kit (SDK) exist that can help you achieve the feature you wish. So why to choose Yunmai OCR SDK? Since 2002, our […]

OCR SDK for You

Posted by: ocrsdkmay on: 18 Aug, 2015

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the technology that can extract text from images. The images can be pictures taken from your mobile device or scanned copies of paper document. The recognition rate of modern OCR SDK is reaching more than 90% for well formatted printed fonts. The problems encountered are mostly due to bad image: […]

What benefits does OCR brings you?

Posted by: ocrsdkmay on: 11 Aug, 2015

With OCR SDK, recognized document looks just like the original. Advanced, powerful OCR SDK software allows you to save a lot of time and effort when creating, processing and repurposing various documents. With Docs Matter, you can scan paper documents for further editing and sharing with your colleagues and partners. You can extract quotes from […]


Docs Matter’s main feature is to scan the document you have, and use the built-in OCR SDK to retrieve text from document. You are able to find any document you need by entering few keywords, even more, you can export it to searchable PDF and share it with your co-workers or friends. Yunmai Technology – December […]


Posted by: ocrsdkmay on: 28 Jul, 2015

Do you have in mind to create a mobile application for translation? What about incorporating Yunmai OCR SDK to read the text on the picture taken with a mobile device and then display the translation to your users? Optical character recognition (OCR) extracts text from images and saves you the time of having to retype […]