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What Benefits Does Form Recognition Technology Bring for You?

Posted by: ocrsdkmay on: 11 Aug 2016

Forms are common in the workflows of many companies; for financial department as bills and invoices, for marketing department as questionnaires.

Office workers often need to input the data from batch of paper forms into computer. Manual data entry is costly, time inefficient and error prone.
Yunmai form recognition technology, which is based on OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and OMR (Optical Mark Recognition), enables you to extract texts, images, checkbox values and barcode from the form. It helps you reduce manual processing costs and improve the data extraction quality and portability.

1. Key feature description
-Powerful template-based recognition with user definition of master forms
-Support 15 recognition languages
-High recognition accuracy and speed
-Recognize and retrieve form fields
-Printed characters and texts
-Images such as signatures, stamps, logos, fingerprints
-Recognize and process structured forms such as Invoices, Bills, ID cards, passports, and driver’s licenses
-Export form recognition results to CSV, XML and JSON
-Export indexed data to database such as the one for DMS, ECM, ERP and CRM software

2. How does Yunmai form recognition software works?
-Create a Template: within a graphical UI, you import an image which of the form you need as base for the template. Then, you define the parts of the template (tables, texts, images, barcode and checkboxes) by selecting the areas on the image with the different tools.
-Use the template: when you start a recognition of a new document by capturing or importing images, it will be compare to the current saved templates. If a matched template is found, it will automatically start the recognition process and extract the data.
-The recognized documents will be automatically categorized into the corresponding folders. The recognized data are presented in a structured UI to easily review result and edit it if needed. Then, you can export the data to CSV, XML or JSON format.
3. Conclusion
Yunmai form recognition technology can be applied in small and medium-sized enterprises for invoices, bills, vendor quotation, and other forms. You can integrate Yunmai form recognition technology into mobile application and PC platforms.
With Yunmai form processing technology, you can reduce the time for data entry from forms and enhance the quality of data extraction. Furthermore, the recognized data can be transferred to third-party software to process, archive and search.

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