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What can Docs Matter Help You with Your Family

Posted by: ocrsdkmay on: 16 Sep 2015

For a family, there must be many documents to manage more often than not in your daily life. Such as health reports, bank statements, product specification, certificates, etc. Sometimes, you may forgot where you stored them. Don’t you want to organize those family documents better?
In order to manage these documents, you could try Docs Matter which is a useful app for family. Firstly, it uses mobile phone’s camera to capture images for you. Secondly, it can automatically recognize the texts within them with its built-in OCR (Optical Character recognition) engine. Then you could edit and save texts, and add notes to them. In addition, you can easily search for the documents you need by entering few keywords.
How does Docs Matter apply to your life? When you are going shopping and happen to see some products you are interested in, you want to record the specifications so you can use our application to do so. Try our document scanner, it will help you retrieve the information and you need without the need of retyping it and you could share it with your friends. When you are in trouble with organizing your health reports, you could use document reader to recognize the reports for you. You could also correct the uncertain recognition results with the recommended words. If you synchronize the documents to the Cloud, you could find them at all time. Moreover, Docs Matter document reader also can manage the bank statements and important certificates for you. Setting a password on the application will help you keep your documents safe.
OCR SDK is used by more and more developers. Docs Matter from Yunmai Technology is used by lots of people, such as businessman, teachers and students and tourists and so on. For a family, it is no doubt a good document management application for you. Just try it, and it will surprise you a lot. You will find the matters being simpler and more easily managed than before.

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