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Docs Matter, an Assistant in Your Trip

Posted by: ocrsdkmay on: 09 Sep 2015

When it comes to travel, some people would like to travel with family and friends, while others prefer to travel alone. There is
something necessary for you during your travel, such as map, itinerary planning, passport, visa and some references, etc. Do you
want to keep these things well organized? Docs Matter can help you organize these documents.

Docs Matter is a professional document scanner from Yunmai Technology that helps you scan your documents with your mobile phone and extract texts from the images with the built-in (Optical Character Recognition) OCR SDK. Then you can edit and correct the texts, and add notes to them. You can also share the documents to the third party cloud storage. Besides, it can recognizes documents in a variety of languages such as English and others European languages as well as Chinese.

Don’t you think that the document scanner is a useful app for travel? Before travel, you might need a paper map which always marks features of that country or places you are traveling to. In case of the map getting lost when you are traveling, you could save it in Docs Matter.

You also have to look up books knowing about the culture of that country and the introduction of some scenic areas. You could get
the information from books through our document reader. Then you could synchronize it to the Cloud and share it with your friends.
Instead of carrying such heavy books with you, you just need to take your phone and search for what you need with few keywords on Docs Matter. Besides, during the travel, if you want to share something beautiful or some interesting stories about the scenery with your friends, you could retrieve the text you are interested in through our document reader. Isn’t it useful and can help you
focus more on your trip and less on the information to carry with you?

Only if you try it, you will see how useful Docs Matter is. We believe you will like it.

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